Slip Form Concrete Construction

JBI Construction Inc. owns and operates a fleet of Gomaco Slip Form Curb, Gutter, and Paving Equipment.  Slip forming is a process used to consolidate, form into geometric shape, and surface finish a portland cement concrete mass by pulling the forms continuously through and surrounding the concrete mass.  Slip form equipment perform material spreading, screeding, vibratory consolidation and initial finishing required for concrete paving, curb/gutter, and barrier/parapet wall rail applications.  When utilizing slip form equipment a lower slump concrete(0-3 inches) is necessary so the fresh concrete is able to maintain and hold its' shape.  Low slump concrete is made with less water and usually has a higher compressive and flexural strength.  Automation and computer control allow JBI's Slip Form Pavers to produce extremely smooth riding surfaces.  Our concrete finishing crews complete the final finishing, texturing and application of the curing materials to the final concrete surface.